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  • Routing focused on efficiency.
  • Strategic pit stops for refreshments/ re-charging.
  • Efficiency speed limit indicators on path considering upcoming traffic.
  • Build for electric, semi & autonomous vehicles.
  • Upcoming

  • On board data analysis for custom tailoring and mapping efficiency to vehicles.

  • About Travoid

    Travoid - is an efficiency optimisation as a service for EVs, semi and autonomous vehicles.

    Our routing algorithm will be able to suggest the best time to start navigation with specific speed limits along the route for maximum efficiency in fuel and money. We can also predict the strategic timeouts for refreshments/ recharging the EVs without losing time (make use of heavy traffic for this and resume nav once the traffic is cleared up). Furthermore, we could make use of the OBD data from cars/ trucks to custom tailor efficiency routing meaning huge savings for the logistics industry.